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Olivier Lacroix

Born and raised in France in a small region called "Jura", I moved to Ireland over 5 years ago. Since, I embrace the culture of these new multi-national companies that inspire me by their ability to use new technologies to change the world. As a Digital Marketer, I enjoy bringing a fresh and creative perspective to anything I do. And that starts by simple things like never having the same breakfast every morning! :-)

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    Digital Marketing

    I'm passionnate about Digital Marketing. Elaborating data-driven strategies to generate business value using tactics that are evolving every day. Early adopter of new technologies, I enjoy working in a dynamic environment impacted by constant change.

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    Photography has always been something I enjoyed (+ post-production). Starting by bringing a camera every time I was going hiking, I am now using my skills to benefit charities.

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    Travelling for me is discovering new cultures, new people, new landscapes. It's changing your day-to-day routine for a new environment, adapting yourself to unusual situations to enjoy something new. And if I can bring my mountain-bke or my camera during my travels, it's even better!

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    Mountain Bike

    I'm a huge fan of Mountain Bike since I was very young. Born and raised in the mountains in France, I keep practicing my passion in Ireland enjoying spending time in the beautiful Irish nature.

Oh...and I have also a blog


which is dedicated for french people who want to visit, work or live in Ireland. This is something I look after in my own personal time and allow me to develop and test different digital strategies.

Check it out

And these are my

Recent roles

Since June 2016

Manager, Digital Strategy EMEA - Salesforce

Leading our EMEA Websites Growth Overall Strategy
Managing our EMEA Testing program including UX & CRO efforts
Work closely with Sales & Marketing Leaders to align in regard to targets & priorities
Team coaching and mentoring. Career development sessions
Budget & Agencies management
Working in an International environment (US , APAC and Japan.)

+31% in Leads from UK Salesforce Homepage.

Mar 2015 - May 2016

Manager, Web Experience EMEA- Salesforce

Team management, coaching and mentoring.
Ownership for EMEA webinar pipeline number for Marketing across EMEA.
Representing International teams during World Wide webinar projects (RFP...)
Budget ownership and management for assets localization
Working with my counterparts in the US and APAC teams to ensure global alignment

Jul 2012 - Mar 2015

EMEA Senior Web Producer - Salesforce

Developing, coordinating and leading Salesforce's webinar program across EMEA
Development of EMEA TOFU content strategy across multiple digital channels
Launch of Salesforce France Inbound Marketing micro-site using Social Media
EMEA integrated campaign assets workflow management and optimization
Interns management and coaching
Working in an International environment (US , APAC and Japan.)

+215% in Pipeline from webinars YoY. +36% in attendees YoY

Jun 2010 - Jul 2012

Web Producer France - Salesforce

Responsible for the online user experience of salesforce France including website and social media strategy.
Website optimizations with the main following KPI: traffic growth, lead flow, conversion rate, bounce rate
Responsible for social media lead generation campaigns for our annual event
Monitoring the Salesforce brand on social media for all events in France.
Customers photoshoots.

112% of target for event registrations coming from Social Media.
+115% increase YoY of event attendance rate coming from social

Nov 2009 - May 2010

Intern - WaveBreak Media

Working directly with the founder of the agency.
Creation of video montage using Adobe Premiere and After effects.
Photo post-production using Lightroom.
Content then sold on Istock and Fotolia

Sep 2008 - Sep 2009

Web developer - ATAFOTOStudio

In charge of developing websites using different languages such as XHTML/CSS, PHP/Mysql, Javascript or Flash with Action script 2.
Working in a small team (2 developers, 1 Art director and the founder).
Responsible for each website that we were developing.
In direct relation with customers for each website, to get feedback or making changes.
Proposition of permanent contract at the end

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...and these are some of my


I use my Iphone 6 more and more as I have to say, the quality of the photos are getting better and better. However, it will in my opinion never replace my DSLR. Being able to capture exactly what you see through your eyes is something amazing. And I like photo post-production too!

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